Completed Projects

System Optimization in the Area of Environmental Datasets

2020-2023, OPZ

Developing Methodologies for Reporting GHG Emissions

2019-2023, TAČR Théta

Mechanisms for Promoting Sustainable Development Principles in Public Admin.

2019-2023, OPZ

ETC on Inland, Coastal and Marine Waters

2019-2022, EEA

Platform for Statistics, Reporting and Analysis

2018-2021, IROP

Analysis of Surface Temperature Changes After Ecological Measures

2020-2021, Prague

ETC on Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation

2019-2021, EEA

ETC on Waste and Materials in a Green Economy

2019-2021, EEA

National Inventory of Contaminated Sites – Stage II

2018-2021, OPŽP

Integrated Reporting Compliance System

2017-2021, IROP

Copernicus Land Monitoring Services

2017-2021, EEA

EMAS as a Nest to Help and Nurture the Circular Economy

2017-2020, ERDF

Analysis of Existing DPZ Activities in the Ministry of the Environment

2017-2020, TAČR Beta 2

New Methods for Assessing the Implementation of MoE Strategic Documents

2017-2019, TAČR Beta 2


2017-2019, ERDF, IPA

Nation. IS for the Collect. and Assessm. of Inf. on Envi. Pollution

2009-2015, ERDF, OPŽP

Strengthening the Admin. Capacities of the MoE of Georgia

2017-2019, EU