Organisation Profile

The Czech Environmental Information Agency (CENIA) is a contributory organization of the Ministry of the Environment (MoE). The basic purpose of the organization is synthetic research in the field of ecology and environmental care and professional support for the performance of state administration, especially in the field of integrated prevention. CENIA’s mission is to collect, evaluate and interpret environmental information and to provide it to the professional and lay public.

CENIA cooperates with all providers of data sources in the environmental ministry as well as with a number of research, scientific and university institutions. It participates in the development and provision of selected data and mapping services and is the operator of a number of information systems. CENIA uses its expertise in the preparation of national assessment documents and strategic and conceptual materials produced under the responsibility of the MoE. The various CENIA teams collaborate on both national and international projects, and CENIA is thus profiling its position also in the field of science and research.

CENIA manages the Integrated Reporting System (Integrovaný systém plnění ohlašovacích povinností, ISPOP), which ensures the fulfilment of legally required environmental reporting and at the same time provides data for cross-cutting environmental information.

CENIA’s data output is the information system for environmental statistics and reporting ENVIROMETR, which contains a clearly processed set of all statistical data and indicators of the state of the environment.

CENIA manages the National INSPIRE Geoportal, where, in addition to data and services covered by the INSPIRE Directive, thematic data of several dozen entities ranging from central public administration bodies, departmental organisations, regional authorities, municipalities, research institutions, to private companies can be found, and the displayed data covers a wide range of fields.

The main publication outputs of CENIA include the Report on the Environment of the Czech Republic, reports on the environment in the regions of the Czech Republic (so-called regional reports) and the Statistical Yearbook of the Environment of the Czech Republic.

In the Czech Republic, CENIA is the contact point of the European Environment Agency (EEA) and is involved in the European Environment Information and Observation Network Eionet. It is also the national contact point for the Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe INSPIRE and the representative body of the European EcolabelEU Ecolabel and the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS).