Waste and Circular Economy

The Department of Waste and Circular Economy provides collection, verification, management and evaluation of data in the field of waste and circular economy. It operates the Waste Management Information System (ISOH) and related systems and databases of specific waste and circulation flows. Based on project activities, science, research and international cooperation, the department develops methodological approaches in the field of evaluation of waste and circular management. He collaborates in the creation of scientific, professional and popular publication outputs of the organisation relevant to the scope of the department.

The main areas of activity of the department are:

  • Waste Management Information System (ISOH) – a comprehensive electronic information system that serves for decision-making, control and statistical needs of waste management in the Czech Republic. The data are available in a detailed format to state administration bodies and in an aggregated format to the public.
  • Car wreckage module (MA ISOH) – an on-line information system for the registration of selected car wreckages, based on the requirements of Decree No. 352/2008 Coll., On the details of handling car wreckages, as amended.
  • Records of facilities containing PCBs and POPs – database of facilities containing PCBs registered in accordance with Act No. 185/2001 Coll., On waste and amending certain other acts (the Waste Act), and with the content of persistent organic pollutants to the extent specified by Decree No. 384/2001 Coll., On PCB handling.
  • Packaging and packaging waste – the department provides professional and information support for a comprehensive solution to the issue of packaging and packaging waste in accordance with the generally accepted hierarchy of waste management.
  • Product return/collection – the department provides professional and information support for a comprehensive solution to the issue of the return/collection of end-of-life products in accordance with applicable regulations of waste legislation:
    • return/collection of electrical equipment and electrical waste,
    • return/collection of batteries and accumulators,
    • return/collection of used/worn tyres.