The Department of Geoinformatics primarily provides processing, analysis and publication of spatial data and services. At the same time, it implements the INSPIRE Directive and provides technical, legislative and strategic matters in the field of national infrastructure for spatial data and information. It manages the INSPIRE National Geoportal, where, in addition to data and services falling under the INSPIRE Directive, other resources can be found that are used to perform public administration in the Czech Republic or are otherwise of interest to the public.

The Geoportal includes the Metainformation System of the Ministry of the Environment (MIS), which offers comprehensive information on data and services created and operated by organisations of the Ministry of the Environment. The INSPIRE National Geoportal thus represents the main interface for access to thematic data of several dozen entities from central public administration bodies, regional authorities, municipalities, research institutions to private companies, and the displayed data covers a wide range of fields of activity.

The Geoinformatics Department manages the GEO/Copernicus National Secretariat. Copernicus (formerly GMES) is a European environmental and security monitoring program that aims to provide timely and accurate information to support decision-making in this area. The Secretariat coordinates the activities of GEO and Copernicus in the Czech Republic, ensures the implementation of both programs and supports the use of Copernicus data and services in the Czech Republic. It is the permanent coordinating, initiating and advisory body of the Minister of the Environment and members of the Earth Observation Secretariat of the European Union’s Copernicus program and its partners, as well as the international GEO (Earth Observation Group) initiative and other related space activities.

The Department of Geoinformatics also cooperates in the creation of scientific, professional and popular publication outputs, especially in the field of land cover and landscape use.