Social Responsibility Support

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a voluntary commitment by an organization to consider in its decision-making and day-to-day activities the needs of its customers, suppliers, employees and other actors affected, either directly or indirectly. CSR concerns the economic, social and environmental aspects of an organisation’s activities. On the way to the sustainable development of the whole society, the social responsibility of organisations is one of the basic preconditions.

The Department of Social Responsibility Support implements activities that support the activities of public administration, companies and individuals on the path to sustainable development. It provides professional support to municipalities and regions that implement the Local Agenda 21 program (MA21). It ensures the operation of the National Environmental Labelling Program, in particular the Ecolabel Eco-product/ service, the EU Ecolabel and the EMAS environmental management system. It operates and develops information systems that help manage related processes and ensure the provision of information and communication with the public in these areas. As part of its training and promotional activities, the department supports the dissemination of knowledge leading to a correct understanding of the principles of sustainable development. With the help of project activities, science and research activities and international cooperation, the department develops methodological approaches in these areas and helps to spread good practice.

The main areas of activity of the department are:

  • Local Agenda 21 (MA21)
  • Eco-labelling
  • EPD Environmental Product Statement
  • Environmental Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS)