A day with Czech quality

Last week we officially handed over certificates to new holders of the Eco-friendly service label at the Day with Czech Quality at the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The new holders of the eco-label are the Best Western Hotel Moráň and the Toulcův dvůr ecological centre.

Prague’s Best Western Hotel Moráň has been awarded both the Czech Ecolabel for Environmentally Friendly Service and the European EU Ecolabel, making it the only Prague hotel and only the second in the Czech Republic to be awarded this European Ecolabel. Visitors to the Czech capital can finally stay in an eco-friendly hotel that has proven that it meets all the criteria associated with the certification. These include efficient water management, reduced CO2 emissions, use of renewable energy sources and reduced food waste.

Toulců dvůr serves primarily as a base for environmental organisations and as a centre for environmental education and training for all generations. The eight hectares of land contain a number of natural attractions that are already rare in Prague (e.g. wetlands, floodplain forest, meadows, etc.). There is also a certified natural garden, a forest nursery, an orchard and a farmyard with original Czech breeds of livestock (Preštice black-footed pig, Czech worm or Hucul horse breed), as well as sheep, goats and other domestic animals. There is also a kindergarten, a library and a shop with organic food.

The National Czech Quality Programme brings together independent quality brands that guarantee customers not only above-standard quality and safety, but also long-term supervision of compliance with quality parameters, including monitoring customer satisfaction with the product or service.