Celebrating 30 years of the EU Ecolabel and launching the Ecolabel promotion campaign with Ekolífek in November

Last week, the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the EU Ecolabel started in the Czech Republic. The celebration is unconventional in its form, with a travelling stand “Shrowroom on wheels”, which you can meet in various places in Prague over the next few days. The showroom is also a “precursor” to a larger marketing campaign to promote the Ecolabel in the Czech Republic.

During the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the EU Ecolabel, “Showroom on wheels” came to the Czech Republic. The Showroom is a bicycle caravan pulled by an electric bicycle, which functions as a promotional stand. Last week it was on display at the National Technical Library in Prague as part of the Environment – Environment for Life conference and at other weekend events. You can see the showroom again at selected events on the weekend of 24 – 25 September. At the showroom you can learn more about the EU Ecolabel itself, as well as about specific producers and their products that have received this certification. You can take a spin around the fortune – and maybe even take something away. The EU Ecolabel is the only certification of the environmental friendliness of products and services throughout their entire life cycle. It is guaranteed by the European Commission and is valid throughout the European Union. But it does not apply to food.

“Only a small part of Czech society knows the EU Ecolabel and perceives it as a guarantee of environmental friendliness and quality in one. Specifically, we are talking about approximately sixteen percent. This is a great pity, which is why we decided to change it. Later this year we will launch a marketing campaign to promote the Ecolabel among consumers and companies alike. We need to change people’s perceptions and get rid of their prejudices against eco-products. It is symbolic that this will happen in the year when the EU Ecolabel celebrates its 30th anniversary,” says Environment Minister Anna Hubáčková (KDU-ČSL). She is also the main character of the teaser for the campaign, which you can find on YouTube. The mysterious character Ekolífek also appears in it.

CENIA Director Miroslav Havránek adds, “Our campaign will start in November this year and will use the form of a cross-media campaign. We will reveal who Ekolífek is and focus on educating the public on the issue of eco-labelling and the benefits of these products. At the same time, we will approach manufacturers and service providers who already present at least part of their products as eco-friendly to confirm this fact with a recognised certification. This is our EU Ecolabel, or the purely Czech Eco-friendly product and Eco-friendly service labels. We provide these to applicants mainly for products where there are no uniform criteria under the EU Ecolabel yet.”